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    Sandy P

    I must tell you, both my husband and I feel the same way about the Mayor and the City Manager. I find it absolutely astonishing that the district attorney's office has not investigated what the hell is going on in city hall and at RGC. Kudos to you girl, for using your real name. I wish I could but my other half would flip his lid.

    Jim Amico



    Anne McCarthy

    This is comical and grotesque at the same time. Mayor French has no shame. We may, in fact, have a psychopath as mayor. Let's be clear on the characteristics of a psychopath: shallow emotions, coldheartedness, egocentricity, superficial charm, manipulativeness, irresponsibility, and criminality, among others.

    From his address: "In a book about Rye’s history, former Rye Librarian Marcia Dalphin wrote: “First as a Village and then as a City, Rye has had an efficient government; its Presidents, Mayors, Trustees, Councilmen, (and Committees) have been sincerely devoted to its welfare – men and women with no financial gain, have labored faithfully and long – often at personal sacrifice – to direct their Village into ways of progress, to keep it financially sound, and to make Rye a pleasant place in which to live and bring up children.” That is Rye. That is who we are and what we continue to strive to be. And it works. In that spirit, 2012 was the year of accomplishment."

    That is the statement of a psycopath. It's the complete opposite of what's actually gone on in Rye since the French team has been in charge. It's been scandal after scandal and revelation after revelation culminating with a $6MM+ fleecing of RGC members. Scott Pickup and/or Mayor French have been at the center of every single one of these scandals. Let's not forget what we learned before 2012, either: Mayor French is a slumlord who rents firetraps with illegal 3rd floors and sleeps like a baby while collecting $48,000 a year in rent. This personal financial windfall was further boosted by French claiming a double STAR exemption (stealing from the rest of us who pay our taxes). Now back to 2012. Does anyone remember Mayor French aggressively calling out Councilman Sack about his golf club inquiries? Now reread the passage cited above and make the case it's not the work of a psychopath. Does this comment have anything constructive to add? It serves only as a reality check. We have to wait and vote these creeps out of office. In the meantime, let's not let them get away with rewriting history and pushing false talking points.

    I Can't Stop Lying


    Ray Tartaglione writes:

    "My dock is not missing. What was left of it was deposited in one of two, forty yard dumpsters "

    What about the stuff that wasn't "left"??????????? Where did that go ??

    Can you say "lurking just beneath the surface of Milton Harbor"????

    I Can't Stop Lying

    The only thing that's allowed to float off Hen Island are propane tanks. Wood always floats directly in place and never is moved by the waves or wind. The wood floating in the water from smashed up Hen Island docks miraculously floats directly into dumpsters provided by GOD during the storm to ensure there is never any wooden debris in the LI Sound from Hen Island after large storms. GOD even refuses to afford such divine intervention to the AYC as evidenced by their ice machine ending up on Hen Island. Every stick of wood from the five Hen Island docks destroyed by Sandy was accounted for. Each piece of wood is numbered with a permanent marker before the dock is built. To ensure all the wood is accounted for when the dock is destroyed, each stick of wood is placed into the dumpsters by GOD in numerical order to ensure no piece floats around LI Sound.

    Ray Tartaglione

    My dock is not missing. What was left of it was deposited in one of two, forty yard dumpsters that we painstakingly filled after we spent three weeks cleaning up all the debris from the storm. Not only did we fill the dumpsters with all five of the docks wiped out on Hen Island but we were also the proud new owners of all the debris from Shenorock, including the Ice Machine from AYC.

    The debris from the south end of Hen Island, you and your girlfriends burned on the beach in the usual unhealthy and unsafe manner that you are accustom to.

    Chris Henn

    You are correct! Lets buy that minesweeper. What do you think Ray?

    My Dock Is Missing

    Mayor French,

    As you know, I have NOT been publicly vocal regarding my missing dock that washed into the harbor during Superstorm Sandy. I failed to mentioned it because I was hoping nobody would find out. ................If this issue of my missing dock continues to be ignored, the dock is akin to submarine type below surface anti-ship mines waiting for some innocent family out for a pleasure boat ride off the shores of Hen Island during the boating season. Wood has a way of getting water-logged and "lurking just beneath the surface of Milton Harbor".

    The increased lethal dangers, legal exposure and liability from the past failures to admit and address this submerged dock problem has now increased by at least 100 fold due to the fact that every other dock and cabana on and around Milton Harbor has been deposited in LI Sound by Hurricane Sandy. I failed to mention this in my propane letter because then I would look like a schmuck and would lose all of the little credibility I had left.


    And behold – the newly proffered answer to top city officials making repeated untrue and misleading statements to the public – A Personnel Director.

    Who will report to

    ....wait for it....

    Scott Pickup.

    “But one of the concerns with adding a personnel position is it would likely still report in to the city manager. Therefore, what benefit would it have played if the personnel officer were vetting accusations against his boss, like in the instance of the Rye TV scandal? The councilwoman agreed that could become an issue in such an instance but remained confident that the city could find a way to balance that power question.”

    That’s it! Why have I spent decades in top management and on boards of directors and yet somehow missed this fundamental municipal enterprise truth?

    What we have here is simply a failure to communicate!



    Any word on why there were moving trucks at Paperboy Pete's house this morning?

    Did Deputy Droop Along get his walking papers?

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