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    Doug Dumas' French

    I did nothing wrong!

    Jim Jones Was My Hero

    Did Ray Tartaglione just call Mayor French a psychopath??? Desperate times requires desperate measures.

    Jim Jones Was My Hero


    He can't be the Mayor because he doesn't live in RYE. It's amazing how many people who DO live in RYE and post on this site drink the kool-aid he hands out. It's pretty pathetic but, then again, just look at the people we're talking about.



    Gutless and spineless candidates to run against current City oficials in 2013 Rye City election. Only qualifications are low self-esteem and many skeletons in your closet so if you don't do as I say, I will run you out of town too. Even tho I don't live in town, I think I run it.


    I didn't report to Rye officials that the part of my dock that wasn't "left" was floating somewhere in Milton Harbor putting everyone that uses the harbor at risk. That shows you how much I can be trusted for the safety and well-being of Milton Harbor users.

    Ray Tartaglione

    "I needed a Mayor to circumvent the laws or, at least, not obey them so I could force all the rift-raft off Hen Island."
    That should read " I need a Mayor that will enforce the law so myself and the rest of Rye will not be jeopardized by the Hen Island rift-raff that does not want to spend the money (like the rest of the us are required to) to protect their neighbors, the health and safety of the public and the environment.

    If you think I never supported French watch this one and tell me what you think.

    I agree with Anne, I think we are dealing with a psychopath!

    Chris Henn

    I suggest Ray Tarfaglione should be our Mayor.. Mayor Midget!! Thats what I say!!


    I hope everyone forgot that I was a huge supporter of Mayor French when he ran for Mayor. Truthfully, I never really supported French, I just campaigned aggressively against Otis in a two candidate election and then claimed I didn't support French. I'll do the same thing in the next Mayoral election. I'll campaign against French but claim neutrality in regards to the other candidate that way I can run him out of town too if he doesn't do exactly what I want. Remember how corrupt Mayor Otis was because he wouldn't circumvent the building codes for my own personal benefit?? That's why I campaigned against Mayor Otis then claimed I never supported Mayor French. Remember that? I figured Mayor French would be easier to influence for my own personal benefit but, I was wrong. I needed a Mayor to circumvent the laws or, at least, not obey them so I could force all the rift-raft off Hen Island. So far I've been thru 2 Mayors, 3 City Managers, 4 Westchester Board of Health Commissioners, 2 building inspectors, 1 City Engineer, SCORES of City Council members and NONE of them ( well maybe Joe Sack ) will circumvent the existing laws for me so I can get what I want. I need a whole new slate of candidates, city officials and BOH officials that I can influence. Just like Mayor Otis, Mayor French was never flexible enough to circumvent the laws for me. Just like the City Managers that preceded him, the current City Manager hasn't seen things my way either. We need to get rid of the Mayor along with the City Manager. We also need to get rid of 6 of 7 City Council members. Isn't there ANYONE out there that I can intimidate and influence??? If I can find those type of people, they would make great city, state and county officials.

    MayorDougFrench Charged W/Building Without Permits

    Mayor French is under a tremendous amount of pressure and has been since this time last year after he was exposed for his illegal Building Department and STAR Tax issues. The public is seeing a Mayor that has cheated, lied and stolen from the taxpayers of Rye for years.

    We are now seeing example after example of how he has failed to protect the health and safety of the public in an effort to further his own political and personal agendas. He has jeopardized the jobs of many hard working Rye City employees by asking them to cover him in his underhanded efforts. We have recently seen examples of hard working concerned citizens that have resigned from committees and employees that have quit high paying city jobs to avoid involvement. He has now resorted to threatening reporters that publicly report on his inappropriate behavior and activities.

    The pressure is taking a toll on the Mayor and we are not sure yet of the depths of his involvement in the RGC fiasco… Look at the fact that he cannot even complete a thought in his letter to Leon Sculti and he is now going after his fellow council members in addition to the GOP hands that feed him.... I believe we should publicly call for him to resign so we may return the City of Rye back to where it belongs, a law abiding community that enforces all the laws that protect the health and safety of the entire public.


    Sandy P - only by speaking up will change occur. As you read this the Rye political class insiders are quietly gauging how to best retain their privileges and protect their city hall influence peddlers because - word has it - that ugly truths are soon to be officially revealed about Rye Golf management and oversight. And blame spreaders are poised to go into hyperdrive. Pathetic.

    This municipal malfeasance mudslide actually can't come soon enough and in fact didn't come soon enough for Andrew Dapolite or Bob Schubert. At least Andrew is still with us and we can make it up to him some time.

    Tell your other half that what he should be afraid of is if the clean up effort we started at a grass roots non partisan level in 2008 is delayed any further through additional subterfuge. Every time bad actors succeed in crushing good guys they get bolder. Your other half should know that already anyway.

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