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    Rye Golf Commission Meeting Video – December 17, 2012 – From LausDeo10580 – Approx 1 hr 45 minutes

    Jim Amico


    Sure they can, do you really expect to hear some kind of truth after everything we have been witnessing these past few years, especially of late???

    Considering all the investigations, firings, suspensions, and what have you, don't you think in the very least that Pickup should be included?

    After witnessing all that this man gets away with you actually expect some kind of honesty, transparency, truth, etc, ect????



    Is management of Rye that disconnected from real world to still be talking about ' Great Recession ' ? Good god . Recession ended in 2009 . Stock markets are close to new lifetime highs . You people can't even fashion an excuse properly for why the city if bankrupt .

    P. StephenLamont

    Maybe they knew, probably, and maybe they didn't. The question is: was there a separate revenue item called "waiters tips?" From any point of view, it is called "fraudulent financial reporting" - Enron, Arthur Anderson, AIG, Bank of America, should I go on? I have not seen the financial statements.



    The old saying is that talk is cheap - but it’s certainly not cheap when you’re paying the speaker to professionally advise you about matters they are required to research on your behalf. And that is what independent auditors do when they issue their management recommendations to the entity they are certifying the financial statements for. These required recommendations are always detailed in a formal letter to the governing board and management of the entity being audited every year. And sometimes formal presentations of the audit findings are requested for the board and managers so that the identified issues can be discussed and explored before being later addressed and resolved by management as overseen and directed by the governing board during the course of the upcoming year. That’s what’s expected and customary.

    But this, of course, is current day Rye.

    New from LausDeo10580 –

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