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    I smell MASSIVE school tax hikes coming that will be blamed on costs of 1-2-3 above but will actually pad alot of existing pockets . Look for PTO and other groups to scream loudly that YOU MUST PAY TO PROTECT THE KIDS . Look for those of us who vote NO to be rounded up , photographed and to be humiliated in the Journal News propaganda rag

    Robert Zahm

    #1, if done, will very likely lead to increased local mandates as NYS loves to add new services, but hates to pay for them. And local mandates will not solve a county/state/country-wide issue
    #2, is a joke. A guard at the front door of each school will not stop an armed intruder. And at the HS/MS, there are too many doors that remain unlocked to allow students to pass between buildings for this to have any effect. I call this the "TSA" approach to security - it will make some people "feel" like something has been done, but will not have a material impact.
    #3, is worthwhile doing if it shows the real holes / issues in our schools' security. However, if it does so, the report should probably not be made public and so how does the public get to assess the value of it? Catch 22

    P. StephenLamont

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