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    Municipal Porn

    Just listened to the phone call between Rye TV employees. It is strikingly clear the city manager was told there was a recording of the meeting in question. The Rye TV director says, point blank, she told the city manager of the recording, for some reason he did not want release it, and that he never wanted the recording made in the first place.

    Councilman Jovanovich, pronounced YOvanovich, was dead wrong, this is not "municipal porn," it appears to be a total abuse of power from the city managers office.

    His words and actions are not worthy of a council seat.


    For this Bob:


    FYI – it’s my understanding that there are several more of these episodes still to come before the release of The French Administration’s very own “Smoking Gun.”

    Robert Zahm

    @TedC - For exactly what are "we" waiting?


    This morning while we wait, here’s some historic math –

    3 x 24 = 72

    “Once the "smoking gun" tape was made public on August 5, Nixon's political support evaporated. All the Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee who had voted against impeachment in committee announced that they would now vote for impeachment once the matter reached the House floor. He lacked substantial support in the Senate as well. Facing impeachment in the House of Representatives and an almost certain conviction in the Senate, Nixon announced his resignation on the evening of Thursday, August 8, to take effect noon the next day.”

    In Reality

    Mr. Floatie takes over MyRye? Jay is running the same story as Laus Deo... only a day late.

    Jim Amico

    Hey Jackass,

    You really need to drop the subject of Vinnies's death....SERIOUSLY A**HOLE!!!

    But before you do that can you just clear a few things up.....

    FTR - Just what exactly are you implying???

    What shit going on in Rye are you referring to???

    I thought you were on Pickup's A** WIPING patrol???
    Now you want Sack to investigate him for the death of one of his Employees???

    You are a very contradicting individual!!!


    to all the aka "dimwits",

    Investigate Vinnie's Death


    Joe Sack is all for investigating numerous issues which haven't physically hurt anyone BUT when someone actually DIES from the sh*t going on in Rye, all the stuff Mr. Fillippi has been talking about, there is not a whimper to find out what happened. Hmmm............

    Investigate Vinnie's Death

    Wow Jim,

    I'm laughing so hard, I just blew coffee out my nose. So now, it's Scott Pickup's fault because he's being investigated??? This wasn't his idea, it was Sack and the rest of his pedestrian crybabies over at Sack sure likes to spend money on his lawyer buddies, doesn't he???? Sack loves these investigations and loves to spend money trying to run the City from a Councilperson's chair. This is the same sh*t that killed Vinnie. Fillippi is right and has the guts to say it. Sack, OTOH, is not Fillippi.

    BTW, Does Mr. Flotie run

    Jim Amico

    @ City Official Coward,

    So now who wants who to wipe who's ass?????????

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