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    Jim Amico

    Fly on the Wall,

    I do not know how any honest hearted citizen can go into Executive Session and restrain themselves from the dishonest S*** that goes on in those sessions?????

    They think Joe is a problem, they need to be glad my wife put the cabosh on me running, I would have won easily and I would NEVER take part in any DISHONEST BS WHATSOEVER....PERIOD!!!

    Fly On The Wall

    Looking forward to Wed. night when Joe Sack tells all of Rye what was discussed in executive session!

    Fly On The Wall

    Mr. Flotie,

    My biggest concerns, as far as the source for WNV in Rye are Bob Schubert's pond and the water hazards at the RCG Club.

    Ray Tartaglione

    Maybe we should leave the present health concrens on Hen Island as is. Then we can just sit and wait for our frist case of West Nile Virus to hit Rye. Who cares if thirty four home owners in Milton Harbor sh*t where we swim and fish with our families.

    Fly On The Wall

    You forgot Otis, Shew, Tamburro, scores of State Judges, 4 BOH commisioners, all the commissioners of NYS, Andrew Cuomo, Scott Pickup, etc..

    In your paranoid little world it's called cover, in the real world it's called applying the law equally to all NYS residents.


    Ahh. The Hen Islanders are back. Wonderful. I bet Mr. French and Mr. Plunkett wish they'd never promised you cover.

    Fly On The Wall

    @Robert Zahm

    All Rye has to do is run a sewer,electric and fresh water line to Hen Island and all Rye's troubles will go away. All Rye's troubles started when Mr. Flotie appeared and they will disappear when Mr. Flotie has water, sewer and electric feeding his summer cottage on Hen Island. Until that day, every City official who doesn't agree with Mr. Flotie's agenda, ESPECIALLY whoever holds the City Manager's position, will be discredited no matter how reputable they are.

    Robert Zahm

    Okay, will the folks who are stirring the pot about this week's City Council agenda kindly identify the specific item they believe is going to legislate away any investigations? The only thing even close to this is the proposal to ... "televise all public meetings of the City Council including regular meetings, special meetings, and workshops." If there's something really there, make it clear. Otherwise, please cease with the henny penny sky is falling stuff.


    New -


    “This Wednesday night, the Rye City Council, which says it does not condone the city manager lying to the public, will vote to create legislation to protect one of the biggest lies and disgraces ever orchestrated by City Manager Scott Pickup–the concealment of a public record, and the termination of a young City of Rye employee's career who dared to challenge him by telling the truth.”

    More here -


    News Flash!

    The Smoking Gun is out!

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