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    Sandy P

    Assault weapons ban A bill that does nothing but produce FEEL GOOD DECISION.!

    Naval MineSweeper,30860/


    UPDATE: Video - Out Today.

    Activist’s working with James O’Keefe visit Westchester County journalists to ask they proudly put up signs at THEIR HOMES saying “This Home is Proudly Gun Free.” Watch as the answers to the volunteer’s from “Citizens Against Gun Violence” are scored…

    Sandy P

    A Giant Gaping Hole in Sandy Hook Reporting. Right on the money.


    UPDATE: LausDeo10580 is now reporting that despite all the missing city design and approval paperwork, and lack of inspection records, apparently the deck is safe. Well that’s a small helping of good news. Just wondering - how many here would have believed this if it was Messer’s French, Pickup or Jovanovich making these claims?


    @French4Mayor2013: Certainly hope that post was meant to be facetious. Otherwise I'd have to believe it was written by Doug's wife. Good luck with re-election, my dog has a better chance of winning that race.

    A.K. Fourtee-Sevan

    Nellie Nelson,

    I think you just proved Hypocrite's point. Prisoners talk smack to the guards all the time and it never makes the "news". Now Faux News is MAKING up "news". There is no "news" in that story. It's just there because it appeals to the easily manipulated who watch Faux News. See how easily you are manipulated and how willing you were to regurgitate it?



    I agree with you completely. Finally someone on this blog who makes sense!

    Doug French has been picked on since the day he took office! I'm sure there were other council members who had to pay $17,000 in restitution to Westchester County for cheating on their taxes! But for some reason targets the mayor.

    And what about the building violations?! That's unfair. Who cares if the Building Department looks the other way when he decides to reconstruct his investment property without approvals while most people have to apply and appear before the ZBA?!?!

    I have faith in Doug even if he doesn't always tell the truth.

    Nellie Nelson

    More Fake News:
    Inmates using newspaper's gun owner map to threaten guards, sheriff says

    Read more:

    Hypocrite Is My Name

    I have noticed a SHARP increase in the amount break-in's for houses that weren't on that gun list.....uh.... wait a minute....... there hasn't been one breakin since the list has been released???? Sorry, I've been hypnotized by Faux News and I'm finally snapping out of it. I usually get all my talking points from Faux News and regurgitate them on an hourly basis just to show how smart I am.

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