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    Jim Amico


    Doesn't sound like something anyone can "profit" from, I think you shit outta luck,lol!



    This morning I pulled into the spot directly in front of “the drain.” It’s going to rain later today so I took my ice scraper out and dug into it as far as the grating would allow. The soils and debris in it were soft and very easy to remove but I could only go down a few inches. I couldn’t raise the grate with the ice scraper – a steel crowbar would be required – but I could see that this apparently wasn’t a full blown “vacuum truck” project at all but more like a bucket and shovel job. A bucket and shovel job simply undone for months and months and months.

    Much has been said (over and over) about the need to maintain the MTA parking lots so people don’t break their ankles in the pot holes or crossing the large stretches of broken blacktop. These would require zero major restorations, just simple attention and routine maintenance. You know, no major dollar project, no bond indenture required, just the kind of regular thing Rye taxpayers pay their taxes to have done by the DPW.

    Now I personally know that more than a few former and current city council members favor parking around this same small grass island. So they know already about “the drain.” Maybe I could ask that one of them would speak up and second my proposal that this very small service be done. Or they could make a phone call. That, after all, would surely be within the bounds of “putting the city’s interests first.” No?



    It sure has been a busy weekend on MyRye. So much so that TypePad is apparently blocking longer comments here. To let me cut this one into 2 parts. And let me be so bold as to change the subject here for a moment.

    I remember a city council meeting not too long ago where the discussion went back and forth over the need for capital resources to maintain a large municipal vacuum truck to clear and clean storm and other drains in Rye so as to prevent local street ponding and flooding. These giant rolling tank-toped vehicles are very very pricy but are supposed to save lots of man-hours and lead to more efficient and thus more top level maintenance of city subsurface infrastructure with the same number of city employees. That’s the theory anyway.

    But that theory, and the theory that city DPW staff follow routines that bring that cause them to regularly inspect and remedy clogged storm drains, is regrettably apparently just another municipal false promise. (Like reliably clearing snow from sidewalk access to crosswalks for schoolchildren.)

    Across from the bus stop at the Rye Train Station is a small grass island surrounded by permit holder parking spaces. Signs saying “Park front wheels to curb” are displayed. All of us who favor this grass island locale know about “the drain.” It’s directly opposite the MTA elevator and in line (sort of) with the service department of Rye Ford up the hill in the distance. “The drain” has been blocked for months. So when it rains all the cars parked along the line opposite the bus stop get flooded. This requires permit holders to soak their shoes (or remove them) when they return in the evening to get in their cars after even a moderate rain.

    Jim Amico

    Forever trying to conseal the truth with one pathetic spin after another....put down the kool-aid "CHILD" and get real!!!




    Petulant, You are wrong. Perhaps you should review your City Council packets/charter. According to the City Council resolution of September 16, 2009, the Council is to:

    “televise all public meetings of the City Council including regular meetings, special meetings AND WORKSHOPS”, stating: "BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, when staff is not available, the meetings
    will be audio taped and made available to the public through the same media as video recorded
    meetings." Sept. 16, 2009 minutes.

    Scott Pickup has no excuse for waiting 13 days before releasing this videotape. Joe Sack should not have to fight with the man in City Hall to get a videotaped meeting posted. Why did Pickup lie? Why did Nicole Levitsky go along with it for so many days? I commend Andrew for standing up for what is right.

    Petulant Child

    Does somebody drop a lawsuit against the City if it could possibly damage his reputation forever and keep himself from ever getting a real job again?????? The answer to that question is all you need to know in this case. Everything else is BS. Is it possible Andrew was in the wrong and didn't drop the case out of the kindness of his heart but actually held a pair of 2's?

    Petulant Child

    What I want investigated is whether there is a City policy that says workshops are not to be videotaped and whether Andrew went ahead anyway and videotaped the workshop. I like to know if Mr. Sack was involved if that did happen. I'd also like to know if anyone else influenced Andrew's decision. I'd also like to know if Andrew was using the City's equiptment, mentioned in the disciplinary action of Scott Pickup, to make videos for a non-resident of Rye. IMO, Mr. Fillippi is correct, it's all about the pea under the mattress.

    Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)

    It seemed as if Councilman Filippi overdosed on Viagra at last night’s meeting.

    Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)


    Flipout- Good points. I had not realized it was Leon who exposed that information. Richard Filippi lost it last night. And his attack on former Mayor John Carey infuriates me. Andrew Dapolite was the only one in the Rye TV situation who did nothing wrong. He told the truth, and Mr. Carey helped protect Andrew from the sort of spineless slander we heard last night. I have a major problem with people like Richard Filippi who attack people like Andrew Dapolite. I admire Andrew for his conviction in doing what is morally right.


    Richard Filippi is a disgusting human being and a complete lunatic. Not only can he barely get a word out without stuttering, but he casts dispersions on people who are not even in the room to defend themselves. These dispersions are in the form of personal attacks, particularly against Leon Sculti and Andrew Dapolite. In the very same sentence, Flipout Filippi has the audacity to lecture the public on refraining these very same types of attacks against elected officials- individuals with the ability to speak from a dais and defend themselves.

    Every one of these "attacks" against the Mayor and City Manager brought forward by Leon in the last year or so has been supported by facts, causing this Council to find new maneuvers to avoid addressing the issues, such as Scott Pickup's concealment of public records, and Nicole Levitsky lying to the public. By the way, the meeting was not videotaped, right?

    Leon has been at the forefront of the Rye Golf Club scandal. His research initially uncovered the excessive overtime hours which fueled the member rally to demand a City Council Investigation. That investigation would not have happened had Leon not devoted his time to help his fellow members.

    As for Flipout Filippi's comments regarding Andrew Dapolite, I am completely disgusted. He misrepresented the whole issue and made untrue accusations about Andrew and stated conclusions, as if he conducted his own investigation, clearing Scott Pickup and Nicole Levitsky of any wrongdoing. He now attempts to put the blame back on the only individual (Andrew) who stood up and said "No! I'm not going to lie". Richard Filippi should be ashamed of himself.

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