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    martin Ederer

    @ab av citizen
    Mr floatie and the face of the councilman ommited from the toilet seat on the flotie-mobile.

    Your comment please.


    Sure,Which Councilman is that and what is the P.C Taxpayers name?

    martin Ederer

    @above average
    Part of a small city Mayor's job is to attend ribbon cutting events. Picky Picky Picky

    Perhaps you can better focus your
    laser like attention on a councilman who takes his instructions from a "Portchester tax payer".


    A ribbon cutting ceremony led by our Mayor????

    Since when does the Mayor get involved in the opening of "private" businesses???

    The Mayor should concern himself with the importance of the "City Business"....god knows we are screwed in every corner!!!

    Maybe our Mayor is an investor in this business???

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