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    Mr. Zahm,

    Tedc is consistent in that all his commentary always insinuates how some politician is personally slighting him on purpose. It doesn't matter the topic, some politician is always out to get tedc personally.


    OK we disagree. I’ve pierced so many phony formulaic allocation models in my day I can remember them all. Model results can differ and be influenced, even when their approaches and drivers are claimed to be customary and unchanged.

    Robert Zahm

    @Ted - All you say in your latest post may be right on, but it has nothing to do with the county property tax assessment for Rye. The county sets a tax rate for the county overall. Its impact on individual districts is modified up/down based on relative changes in property values (so called "equalization"). As a result, Rye is going to pay more and others less because our property values have held up better / increased more than other areas. Period. That has nothing to do with Judy Myers, buses, or dances.


    Bob, respectfully, I believe I’m making the correct connection. Plunkett was also the city attorney when the whole Rye Golf/RM Staffing arrangement got very quietly approved and underway. He knows where the bodies are and he and Otis will likely give quite a song and dance when they’re subpoenaed for testimony under oath. I can’t wait to read the deposition transcripts. Memory lapses will I bet be prominently featured. And Astorino see’s Rye City as a cash cow, plain and simple. He may have underlings and wonks point to a “formula” here but that’s not the way it really works. Not by a long shot. This is a partial legit increase and a partial straight political payback.


    tedc is right . You homeowners in Rye are the ultimate bagholders . You all close your eyes and believe you can move to Rye , get your kids through the schools , and sell your house to a greater fool who will look at our INSANE taxes and still want to buy in . The problem is total taxes for Rye residents on even merely 'nice' houses is beginning to approach what many middle class people earn PRE-TAX !

    I will be laughing my ass off on some beach as i read about the next great RE implosion in NY state in the not so distant future .

    Bank America just announced 11,000 layoffs ( or was that Citibank ? ) Morgan Stanley just announced 1,600 senior / professional level people to be fired next week . These are all the people who live in Rye , Greenwich , Scarsdale , etc .

    Jig is up .

    Meanwhile in Westchester County , idiot politicians will continue to grandstand about how spending can never be reduced and taxes on the evil filthy rich who dare to make more thgan $250k need to be confiscated .

    Sheer liberal brilliance

    Robert Zahm

    Ted - I believe you're making a connection where none exists. Rye's increase in taxes is due to the relative change in value of Rye properties versus other parts of Westchester county. The "0 increase" which means 7+% for us, means a drop for others. This is not about payback.


    Feeling a little richer? Thinking you had this year’s property taxes increase properly estimated? Think again.


    “The county has done its job to hold the line on our county property tax,” County Executive Rob Astorino, a Republican, said. “However, every year the county tax levy affects local governments differently.”

    Astorino and Plunkett didn’t forget what we said about their cutting our Route 76 bus service with no notice last year. They just waited.


    hey Judy !

    Whatcha proposing gets cut instead of the #76 bus ? lemme check your web sites and press releases ...... yep ....just as i thought , absolutely nothing proposed from you ....

    Lemme guess .... raise taxes to cover the bus route ?

    Yep ..... just what we need in bankrupt Westchester ... another politicians who can never say NO to spending and goes mute when asked what she would cut instead ...

    how about some slicing off some of that absurd overpaid county employees we need to lose , Judy ? If you could back that , then we could keep the #76 .

    Stop wasting our time , Judy ..... we need politicians who can get Westchester taxes in line with rest of USA , not this grandstanding crap !

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