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    Every so often, I have read about SeaJet, NY Waterway etc, reestablishing ferry service to Playland, but nothing ever seems to materialize.

    Michael Johnson

    I rode the Airplane Coaster many, many times.....What a thrill and what a disappointment when it was torn down.....
    The ferry service provided a way for NYC inhabitants as well as Bridgeport residents to visit one of the United States' first amusement parks. The Richard Peck and the John Messick were two ferries which called Playland a port of call, as did the Americana and the Westchester, which came from Battery Park in NYC. The Wauketa made the journey from New Jersey. I believe the Peter Stuyvesant came up from New Rochelle...
    While attending Rye High School I would take advantage of cutting a few classes, ride my bike down to Playland, following the Memorial Day opening, stand at the ferry terminal boardwalk with a shoebox in my hands, asking the passengers heading back to wherever they journeyed from if they, "have any leftover tickets?".....Many did. In those days visitors would buy books of tickets for the various rides...and, if they had tickets leftover, more often than not, they'd be happy to "discard" them...This endevor provided me and several of my friends with enough tickets for the season !!
    I have wonderful memories of Playland to this day.... Several sites of interest...

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