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    ANY & ALL RESPONSIBLE ADULT would & should report this. Everything happens for a reason & what goes around comes around. Just because you report something doesn't mean the party you are reporting it to has to know where it came from!


    If you witnessed a Rye resident stealing or scamming someone, would any of you contact all the employers or hired help this person employs?


    Rye Chick,
    Just give your friend a heads up that this "might" be going on & to keep their ears & eyes open. Then the employer can make his/her own assumptions & decisions. Seems this is keeping you up @ might want to hurry


    1. what does the fact that the nanny is not married have to do with anything?

    2. i agree with the person who said if she steals from a store she will probably steal from an employer

    3. if you tell the employer remember to point out you do not know for sure, you were eavesdropping on store employees and this is what you surmised. there is a chance you are mistaken.


    I didn't know. If you know this resident, maybe you could suggest to her that she start a similar site for kids who have working parents - I saw your Mommy and I saw your Daddy. It'd be nice for the kids to see their parents, even if only on the computer!

    Rye Mom

    I Saw Your Nanny is the product of a Rye resident. In case you did not know that!


    We ought to be ready


    BOY- Talk about being technical.
    Only a Keystone Rye Cop would charge someone for accessory in this case. Don't you guys have to get ready for tonights Council meeting!!


    Linus - we need more like you in Rye - and everywhere!


    A nannie sets the example for her charge on a moral basis.
    Law has what you must or must not do.
    Morals has what one ought to do or not to do.
    Often the two do not agree..I believe the ought is more inportant than the must.

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